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About SureFresh Produce Inc.

Our Company
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In 1986 We came together to process and freeze vegetables in the Santa Maria Valley California.  As a team, with our valued, trusted and dedicated employees, we have continued to be a customer service oriented. We have continued to be a major player in the frozen vegetable food business through sustainable controlled, efficient and profitable growth.  In 2021 we expanded out to include frozen fruit.  We are striving to be the best value supplier with consistent, dependable quality products and services that meets or exceed our financial objectives through growth and efficiency. Our innovative and efficient in promoting product development and process improvements.  we are constantly  striving to provide employees with safe, clean and efficient working conditions and to be true to our humble and open minded beginnings.


Complete devotion to serve our clients through high quality products, full safety and high level of service. The aim of SureFresh Produce has always been to develop reliable partners fully integrated who share the same vision of control growth.

Environment & Sustainability

Business values

  • Proactively bring best in class solutions to our customers

  • Respect of our commitment with our devoted suppliers

  • Develop business partnerships based on full transparency and openness

Social values

  • Safety and wellbeing employees

  • Control our footprint on environment

  • Social responsibilities in developing areas

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